A social educational platform that turns your classes into engaging communities to graduate with success and lasting memories

Connect.  Interact.  Share Knowledge.  Have Fun.

In every step you make . . .


Make Better Decisions

by choosing the right professor

Easily search & find the right professor for your coming course.

Look at the overall rating, level of difficulty & your colleague's comments. 

Help other students make better decision by rating your professor too. 

Resources At Your Fingertips

by having free access to thousands of . . .

Study Materials

From sample exams & test banks to class-notes & project reports, find & share study guides related to your major

Used Books

Buy or borrow used books at very low prices from previous students. You can also sell or give them away for free


Create & find quick quizzes that summarize course related topics to help you practice fast, smart and efficient

Study Smarter & Better

Study Groups

Create a study room for every course to discuss topics, deadlines, ask questions, practice & share documents

Study Cloud

Have all your study materials saved and easily accessed offline to practice anywhere and anytime

We Come At The Right Moments

We’ll remind you every time a course deadline is approaching providing you with related study materials and help.

Scream to all your fellow students to request a study material, used book, or ask for a peer support by a click of a button.

Get Instant Related Help

right from the smartest classmates

Help Snaps

Struggle in a problem or need some quick help? Just snap and send a picture or a clip to get your classmate's support

Peer Tutoring

Facing a weakness in a particular subject, course or need an extra help, find the right classmate to teach you 

Instant Q/A

Don't wait for professor's office hours when you have a question in mind, get instant answers from your classmates 

Keep Sharing. Get Rewards.

Be an active member, become an Academic Influencer and get many rewards every time you share and help your classmates


Get partial or full scholarships based on your academic performance and support in Mogz


Collect points every time you upload, engage, or help the community then exchange them with rewards and cash


Become an academic influencer and earn badges by using Mogz and by helping your fellow students


Use your points on special & exclusive discounts and perks on hundreds of products and services.

But University Isn't All About Studying . . .


Make New Friends & Interact


Connect, interact & build better academic networks. Leave Facebook for what it is, this is LinkedIn for students.


Follow colleagues, groups, clubs, universities, majors & colleges to get the latest news and updates.


Create and manage events in your campus . Follow & attend events that matches your interest.

Have A Break !

Win tickets for festivals and concerts and be part of an unforgettable arranged trips and activities that will certainly refresh your mind.

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